Sunday, July 4, 2010

Child Bedroom Theme with the My Pillow Pets Lady Bug

There's nothing more adorable than lady bug child bedroom theme. I've even seen ladybug bathroom decor. If you know a lady bug lover (of any age!) there's plenty of options to satisfy their love of all things lady bugs.

Often, a love for a particular theme item starts with something as simple as a toy. My Pillow Pets Lady Bug is just the toy to begin a lifelong love for the lady bug.

I admit - I love lady bugs. My girls love lady bugs; but even though red is one of my favorite colors, I have stopped short of lady bug decor. Not sure why, I have one bathroom done in yellow duckies, guess it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to re-do it in lady bugs. ;)

Do you know a lady bug lover? If they are an adult - do they have any rooms in their home decorated in the lady bug theme; or do they just own collectibles? If they are a child - do they have a lot of lady bug toys, or is their room decorated with lady bugs?

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